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I have no idea why I, Uzumaki Naruto, age sixteen, am so hated by my peers. Of course I wasn't really paying attention, but Mizuki-sensei was so boring. It's way too much for my brain to process in a single sitting. Yet another thing that everyone seems to feel inclined to point out. I'd run away from the orphanage-temporarily- when I stumbled across her at the playground. She wasn't the strongest, but she was pretty good at healing and using spells at the right time. Obviously he understood that if one tried to take away Chouji's food...they're dead. He's just a stupid idiot that can't do anything right.""Yeah, you're right.""Hey, I'm right here you know! And seemed to hate my life too and made a point to tell me how hate-worthy my life was. The guy was always picking on me."Yes sir."Placing an elbow on the desk casually, I stared straight ahead. I hate it how there's always so many little numbers on one page. Sakura chuckled and nodded."Sure."I had somehow convinced Sakura to play the game too. Sasuke was watching the, rather obese, boy with a hint of amusement.My apologies to those that have been waiting for updates from me, and my thanks to everyone for having patience and understanding that there are other things in life that I can enjoy as well as fanfiction. Name: I'm happy to be called Juura/Juuria/Ju-ju, ect... He has tons of friends there and spends almost all his free time playing. He doesn't mind, but then one of them wants to meet him in person. Sasu Naru Okay, recently I started playing an online MMORPG called Shaiya. Also, I will use their character names during the gaming times. Or, in my case, Sasuke takes Naruto.....does naughty, naughty perverted things to him. Sakura was crying on the sidewalk and didn't even look up when I sat down next to her. Then she sat next to me in class and even asked me if I wanted to eat lunch with her. She said she didn't want to join until her character was stronger."Only if you help me level up three times first." She said. Looking down at the formidable pink piece of paper, I sighed. It was only fifteen minutes, but it felt like years to me. And as childish as that sounds, it was the pure, honest truth! In other words, the high and mighty assed, Uchiha Sasuke. Long bangs framed his porcelain face, but stuck up high into the air at the back. His skin was so clear and smooth, it made Barbie jealous. I made a move to glare at the smirking boy, but remembered that he was giving me five minutes for looking elsewhere, so instead I stayed absolutely still. I practically knocked over my chair in my hurry to get out. After fumbling with my keys and cursing out an artistic masterpiece, I managed to get my door open and shot inside, wasting no time in turning on my PC and tossing my bag across the room."TGIF! Sakura put her bag down a little more gracefully and went over to the cabinet.

: Sasu Naru Love -R-15- -(done by: mandeitje)Grumpy Kibbles Thank You For Reading Rei-Senzai Possession: RS2 Battle: Fox VS Snake Demon Fox Coat Kagome In The Water RS2 Poster Rei-Senzai 3 Movie Poster Rei-Senzai 3? -(done by: LMLoveless Me LM)Rei-Senzai X-Files Movie Poster Peaceful: Peaceful Thoughts Halloween Town: Neji's Hair Truth: The Photograph Agent Duck-Butt: Agent Duck-Butt -(done by: Lyn-sensei)Day Off -(done by: Lyn-sensei.)Badass -(done by: LMLovesless Me LM)Badass Completed -(done by: LMLoveless Me LM)Train -(done by: Sound Clip)Agent Duck-Butt Teaser Movie Poster One Small Change: Piggyback - (Done by Kaotic Love Story)Cursed: WTH - (Done by LMLoveless Me LM)Cursed Theme (Note: This is a musical theme I created for the story so be careful with the volume! ADB: Heroes Comeback- YEAH I WROTE LIKE A PARAGRAPH AND THAT WAS IT, DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH SORRY. N - I LIKED THIS IDEA BUT I NEVER FINISHED AND I FORGOT THE PLOT.

She had bright, bubblegum pink hair and jade green eyes which were a bit concerned at the moment as she leant forward in her seat to speak to me."Hey, don't listen to what those other girls were saying." She whispered. At that time, Sakura joined in and some of the things she said really stung. However, three years later, I was walking back from school when I saw her by the park. Sometimes, me and Sakura just wander through the virtual world together and hunt down random monsters. He was looking at his watch, a rather panicked expression on his face. She burst out laughing, my own soon following as we continued up the stairs.

It's not like I'm a homicidal maniac that's going to kill them with a plastic spoon! I felt a tap on my shoulder and glanced back to see Haruno Sakura. She had been hanging out with all of her friends, and upon seeing me, they had begun to tease me. I suggested she be a Mage, since they are better for support than offence. All I really knew about him was he was really lazy, but was top of the class. My eyes started drifting until I spotted Kiba in my peripheral vision.

They eat at the back of my mind constantly, and the moment I find the inspiration to continue them, I shall do so happily.

But for the time being, I am more focused on my own original series rather than fanfictions.

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